Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Tutorial - Mummy Jar

This is a super cute and easy way to EAT giveaway Halloween treats! Gather your few supplies and lets get started.

Stencil (vinyl works great!)
Armour Etch Cream - can be found at local craft stores or online
Sponge brush
paper plate

Trim stencil down to fit on glass jar. Attach and make sure that all the edges are pressed firmly down so cream doesn't spread.

Read directions on Etched Cream for all safety instructions. Apply a generous amount to the image on your jar. Allow at least 5 minutes to sit. Make sure that the cream doesn't touch any uncovered glass areas or surfaces.

After waiting rinse cream of jar under running water. The water neutralizes the acid. Make sure it is completely washed off.

Dry completely and peel off vinyl/stencil. Using a push pin can help remove small pieces.

Take a look and admire your beautiful etched design.

Embellish your jar any way you want and make sure to fill it full of candy!

This makes the perfect gift or fun jar to hold your treats!
For info on etching stencils contact us and we will be happy to help!


  1. way, way, way fun and cute! I actually had some cute jars filled (without the etching) and just last night put the little vinyl spider you sent on one of them. So darling!