Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Application Instructions

Step 1. Clean the Surface

Wipe the surface clean with water or a cleaner that will not harm the surface or affect adhesive backing of vinyl. Dry the surface with a lint-free cloth.

Step 2. Apply Painters Tape

Apply painters tape to top of Impression.

Step 3. Tape Impression to Wall

Tape your Impression to the wall exactly as you want the finished look. Make sure that it is level!

Step 4. Cut in Sections

If your Impression is big, you may cut it to finish in sections. Make sure that it is taped to the wall good so it doesn't come separated from the other sections. Make sure not to cut Impression.

Step 5. Flip and Peel off Backing

Using the tape to act as a hinge, flip the Impression up and peel off backing. Make sure that the vinyl sticks to the application tape. If it does not stick, replace application tape and rub until it sticks to the tape.

Step 6. Flip Back Over and Rub Vinyl Onto Wall

Carefully flip vinyl back over and rub onto surface with hands. Make sure to pull straight down to eliminate "bubbles". Once vinyl is on surface, rub with application tool to make it stick to surface. (Note: Once vinyl has touched surface or itself, it is very hard to move.)

Step 7. Peel Application Tape Away From Wall

Carefully peel away application tape from surface of Impression. If Impression doesn't stick to wall completely, replace application tape and rub again. Go slow to insure a good stick.

Step 8. Enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy your new Impression!

Removal Instructions

Gently heat Impression with blow dryer and carefully peel vinyl off of surface.

Impressions in Vinyl does not assume responsibility for any damage to surface due to vinyl.

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